Attorney Profile

William Tharp grew up in West Liberty and is a 1994 West Liberty High School graduate. Mr. William B. Tharp received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Iowa in May of 1999. He received his Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Drake Law School in May of 2002. Mr. Tharp took the Iowa Bar Examination in July of 2002 and received his license to practice law in the several Courts of the state of Iowa on September 23, 2002. Mr. Tharp is also licensed to practice law in federal court (the United States District Court in and for the Northern District of Iowa and in the United States District in and for the Southern District of Iowa).

Mr. Tharp is married to Marciana, an elementary school teacher in the West Liberty Community School District. They are raising their two children together, Mary and Benjamin. Mr. Tharp’s father is a dentist in West Liberty and his grandparents owned a hardware store, Gambles, in West Liberty for many years.

Some of Mr. Tharp’s pro bono work includes serving on local boards of service organizations. Mr. Tharp has been a past president of the West Liberty Chamber of Commerce and has served as treasurer of WeLead, West Liberty’s economic development organization. Mr. Tharp is also active in the local Rotary Club.

Goals & Objectives

This firm is dedicated to the zealous representation of clients while being an officer of the Court. It is important to handle all situations with respect and due diligence. This firm stresses prompt attention to issues that arise during the practice of law and providing a reasoned, calculated response to the issues presented to our clients. It is our goal to be a good counselor both to people that have had many interactions with the legal system and to be a good counselor to those that have not ever had an interaction with the legal system. We emphasize dedication, integrity, professionalism and sound judgment based upon reasoned decision making. We devote our practice to independent thinking and prioritizing close relationships with our clients through direct exchange and interaction with our clients.